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Granada - The Alhambra - Oh no, we can't get in!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We learnt the hard way about how far ahead you need to plan at some locations in Europe.

We had been looking forward to Granada and in particular visiting The Alhambra. Unfortunately, our plan to book tickets a few days ahead was wildly optimistic. Tickets were limited to around 8,000 a day and we weren't gonna get our hands on a them for 2-3 weeks. Luckily Granada is another great walking city and we were able to walk right up to and around the walls of the Alhambra so we got a sense of this amazing place.

We walked into the old town from our hotel, which was around 2-3 kms out, enjoying the parks along the river and an obligatory cafe stop for hot drinks. We entered the tightly packed streets of the old town and admired the Catedral de Granada. Right next to the cathedral is an area called Alcaiceria which is an Arabic-style bazaar home to shops selling mostly souvenirs, jewelery, purses/bags and miniatures.

At this point hunger pangs were kicking in and we enjoyed lunch at a very traditional local Spanish restaurant - a doner kebab shop.

Kebab fuelled we walked along a stream at the base of Sabika hill on which the Alhambra is perched. There were great views of the complex from there and we soon located one of the pathways that winds it's way up the hill to the palace/fortress. The pathway climbs the hill alongside the walls of Alhambra which are interspersed with turrets built into the fort.

At the top Karena rested her weary legs at the seats near the entranceway. I took a punt and raced up a hill overlooking the complex. I was hoping to get a better view and wasn't disappointed - see pictures below.

Alhambra is a Moorish palace and fortress complex, with construction beginning in 1238. It was modified and added to all the way up the late 1400's when the Christian Reconquista of 1492 saw the site become the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella. Please see the links below for more detailed information.

We want to come back and see Alhambra but will make sure we're better organised next time.

Ham is an artform in Spain.

Alhambra from the stream.

Looking back towards the town.

The picture says it all...

Street art....

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