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Mont St Michel and the Pug

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

So, the Pug is our Peugeot 3008, organised via Car-2-Europe.

The new car is provided directly by Peugeot in a lease arrangement as opposed to a rental (link below). We kind-of own it (temporarily). We a got a great deal as we'll be using it for 100 days. It comes with comprehensive insurance (no excess) and unlimited mileage. Everything is covered by Peugeot although we may have to service the car depending on the mileage we clock up.

We picked him/her/they up early on Monday 2 October from their site at Charles de Gaulle airport. We arrived with some trepidation (nervousness about what was ahead of us). The handover was dead easy, much of the paperwork (and payment) already processed. We were given the keys and registration/insurance documentation and a quick guided tour around the car. We paid particular attention to the demonstration of the GPS (a critical bit of gear!).

The customer service rep left wishing us well. We proceeded to sit there for at least 20-30 minutes, too scared to move. Going over the instrumentation and talking it all through. Ultimately we just had to get going. So we did. Yes it was scary, particularly the grind through the Northern and Western suburbs of Paris, but we survived and the confidence slowly grew. Once out into the countryside and onto the fantastic motorways in France, things got easier. Will post a blog on our driving experiences in the not too distant future.

The 4 hour (357km) trip to Mont Saint Michel was pretty uneventful. We dropped into our accommodation - A L'Ombre du Mont St Michel (see link below)- to book in and drop off bags. We were greeted by our charming and friendly host Katia who made us feel very welcome.

We then headed out to Mont St Michel. This is somewhere I've always wanted to visit and it didn't disappoint. It's just spectacular and takes your breath away to be honest. I'll let the pictures do the talking and there are links below with some useful info.

Mont St Michel

The Pug

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