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Pre-trip time in Whakatāne

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Our first blog!

A brief intro to my (Dave's) home town of Whakatāne and what we've been up to.

Whakatāne is located on the East coast of the North Island in New Zealand. The Bay of Plenty area is known for its great weather and beautiful beaches. A great place to get out and enjoy a fantastic natural environment.


We're spending our time here catching up with family and friends and finally turning our attention back to trip planning. There is a little catching of breath going on too.

We've had a crazy few months letting go of (selling, gifting & donating) virtually all of our possessions along-with preparing 2 houses for rental while we're away. It's been an exhausting but totally necessary process. Quite liberating as well.

We had a lot of goodbyes to say before we left Wellington which was pretty intense in itself. Everyone has been great and very supportive. Special thanks to Janet Smart for putting us up for a couple of months while we renovated and rented houses. She was a first hand witness to the craziness!

We have just over a week before we depart from Auckland to our first destination of Paris where we will collect our lease car from Peugeot. This will be our transport for the first 100 days through Southern and Eastern Europe.

Whakatāne has been the perfect place for us to unwind and re-charge after the last few months. As well as the amazing beaches and coastline there are many great walks to do. We've been taking advantage of that and the great weather to build up our walking stamina for Europe.

Looking forward to providing regular updates when our European travels commence 30 September.

I'll leave you with some pics we took:

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Emma Tyler
Emma Tyler
Oct 06, 2023

Hi guys! Have just found your blog... it's looking good!! Looking forward to many more posts. Emma xxx

Replying to

Hi Emma Tyler! Thanks for the message - appreciate some constructive feed back on the blog and how it looks. Will be very helpful :)

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